How to make a double spiral lanyard

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Pick out three colors of Craft Lace

Fold your lace in half. Put one string on the bottom and two on the top.

With the white lace on the bottom make two loops.

I will be starting with red. Take the first red lace and go over the first white loop and under the second loop.

Grab the other red and do the same thing. Over the first white loop and under the next one.

Time to do the blue. Make sure you grab the string on the left side. Go over the white loop and under the next one.

Grab the last blue lace and repeat. Over-under

Pull all the ends tight. Do a few ends at a time so they stay even. You should have a rectangle shape.

We will be using the same guidelines from the spiral lanyard. Loop over the first white lace to the side, don't go straight across.

Loop the other white lace

Weave the first red lace. Over-Under.

Weave the second red lace. Over-Under.

Grab the first blue lace and weave it Over-Under.

Do the same thing to the last blue lace. Over-Under.

Pull all the lace as tight as you can. And let's do another row.

Loop the white

Weave both the red laces. Over-Under.

And then do the blue ones. Over-Under.

Pull tight.

Repeat steps 16-19 as many times as you need to get to the length that you would like.

With 13 rows done you will be able to see how nice the spiral looks. This is one of my favorite designs.

35 rows done and still going strong.

With 54 rows done I am going to stop here. This is as long as I need it to do another project. Let's go ahead and end it.

Loosen your last row just a little bit. You are going to weave your lace through this last row to make them come out the middle.

Take one color and loop it around the next color. Put the end through the loop from the outside and push it up through the middle. Repeat this step until you have all six laces through the middle.

Once they are all through the middle pull them tight. You may have to do this by sections. Keep pulling on them until they kinda knot themselves.

Here is the finished Double Spiral lanyard. And the first half of another project for me.

I hope you all have enjoyed this guide and it was easy for you to follow. Here are a few other lanyards I have made in the past :D

Watch the video: 16-String Spiral Lanyard


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