How to cook vegan "clam" chowder

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Gather all your supplies. Chop, dice, make broths...

Either soak cashews for 3-5 hours or boil for 1 hour. Add to blender with cornstarch.

Add the 2 cups broth.

Blend on "cream" setting.

Sweat carrots and onions for 10 minutes.

Add celery and garlic for 3 minutes.

Add mushrooms. These are your "clams".

Cook about 3 minutes. Not too long. Still want chewy.

Add potatoes.

And 3 cups of broth.

Simmer 10 minutes.

Add cashew cream.

Heat for about 5 minutes until thick.

Add tomato paste.

Add lemon.


And add parsley at the end!

Goes great with oyster crackers or saltines.

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