How to make a vase out of a glass bottle

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Take a bottle

Remove the stickers

Here I have added doubled sided tape from the bottom of the bottle. I'm using two different sizes of tape, one is white and one is see threw. That doesn't matter.

You can see I added some tape around the bottle, make sure you cut the tape so it overlap a bit.

Here you see I'm adding tape to the bottle neck.

The tape won't lie perfectly against the bottle, but just smooth it out the best that you can, it won't be visible thru the yarn anyway.

Take some yarn

And place it like this

And start rolling it tightly around the bottle.

The yarn I'm using has two colors, it has a pattern, then goes white and then has a pattern again.

When the bottle started to narrow, I started to roll the yarn from the top instead.

Cut the yarn and add some superglue were you are going to glue the string down.


I change my mind and wanted to cover the top, so I added some doubled sided tape.

Cut off the access tape and smoothed it down.

Added the string as you can see on the picture.

I started at the bottom and twirled my way up and glued the end of the string down.

Added a little bow

I added a little ladybug I had laying around with some glue and then I put some flowers in the vase.

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