How to care for a rose-haired tarantula

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This is Shelob! She is a Rose-Haired Tarantula, who is about 5 inches long.

Her favorite food is the dissolved insides of a large cricket. They use their acidic venom to dissolve the fluids and organs of the cricket into something they can slurp up!

You can keep the crickets in a small container. Only put one cricket at a time in your spider's tank. They are slow-moving and don't need much food. I feed her only once or twice a week.

To keep them healthy and plump, feed them orange cricket food. This food is a cricket's complete diet, food and water.

Shelob gets thirsty too. Use a shallow water dish with a sponge in it. This makes it easier for her to drink.

She needs a big-enough home, but not so big that she gets lost, because she will. Tarantulas don't like large enclosures at all. Plus, she is a terrestrial tarantula; so the height isn't as important.

Substrate is crucial. Shelob likes to burrow. Make the substrate thick so your spider can burrow as she pleases. And since they don't eat much, you won't need to clean the tank often!

They won't always burrow. Sometimes she will even hang from the ceiling!

Shelob has big fangs! So I only handle her when she is calm, and so am I. She will also flick hairs off her abdomen, which will irritate your eyes and make you itch.

She is from the Southern Hemisphere, so her brain isn't wired for the daylight cycle here. Be sure to not leave any bright lights on at night, she may think it is daytime!

Even though she is a desert species, she doesn't need too much heat. If you are comfortable with the temperature, she will be!

She doesn't need too much humidity either. I only spritz her substrate lightly once or twice a week.

I hope even those of you who have arachnophobia were able to learn something from this guide! Tarantulas are fascinating pets that are fun to watch and keep. 💚💛

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