How to make dry shampoo for dark hair

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Remove the lid from your baby powder container. I used a knife to pry it apart and lift it off. Be careful.

Scoop out some coco powder & add it to your bowl. I don't measure. The darker your hair is determines how much you'll want. Lighter hair needs less. Blond hair can skip the coco powder altogether.

Scoop out some corn starch and add that to your bowl as well. Remember, the darker your hair is the more coco powder & less corn starch/ baby powder you need. Otherwise it'll be too light for you.

Use a fork to break up the lumps of coco powder and mix it with the corn starch.

Add your baby powder. My baby powder was only half full which is why I added corn starch. You can skip the corn starch if you like or if you have a full container of baby powder.

Mix the powders together and be sure that any coco lumps have been broken up.

Use a funnel or a piece of paper as a funnel to add your powders to the bottle. To minimize mess do this step over a bowl or plate.

Here is my bottle nearly full with my dry shampoo.

Place the pieces of your lids back on the bottle.

Use your hand to firmly press the lids on until you hear a snap. Make sure to label your container.

Sprinkle some of your dry shampoo onto the roots of your hair. Less is best. You can always add more to your hair if you need to.

Gently work it in to blend & absorb any grease & to add lift to your hair. You can also use a clean makeup brush to apply. If your hair tends to get greasy around your face & hairline this works well.

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