How to do 90's nail art

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Always start with a base coat! It will keep your nails from staining and help polish adhere better!!

You'll need a tool to do these designs. I found it easiest to use a small dotting tool.

Paint your nails with a base color. (I used Wet n Wild's Black Crème)

Add in some swirls with a color of your choice. (I used Maybelline Color Show's Shockwave)

Add in another swirl with another color. You can go off the sides like I did to fit it all in. (I used Pure Ice's Show Stopper)

Add in some triangles in yet another color of your choice. These don't have to be perfect. (I used Pure Ice's Free Spirit)

Finally, add some zig zags in.. you guessed it, ANOTHER color. (I used Sinful Colors' Daredevil)

Now, mix it up with the colors and go crazy! Clean up your edges and add a top coat to finish it off. Yay 90's!!

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