How to slow cook lamb shanks

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If your meat is frozen you need to thaw it. Once it is defrosted,start with the dry rub marinade.Add the sweet paprika

Ground cumin

Ground ginger

Ground coriander

Cayenne pepper and salt to taste. Be mindful of the salt as some store purchased stock have added salt in it.

Mix it well.Cover In Cling wrap and leave it for in the fridge to marinade overnight.

This is how it looks the next day

Gather all your dry and wet ingredients as per the photo

Heat the oil. You do not need any more oil than 1 tablespoon as lamb is a fatty meat.

Add the cinnamon stick.i feel cinnamon infused oil gives a beautiful & sweet flavor to the lamb shank.

Once it has changed colour, remove from stove top and drop in the slow cooker.

Now seal the lamb shanks in the cinnamon oil

Don't discard the rub from the bowl you have marinaded the lamb in. You may add 250ml water or stock and lift the marinade.

After sealing the lamb shanks remove them and place in the slow cooker too.

In the same pot,I fry diced onion.i prefer this as it brings out the sweetness of the onion.When it golden add it to the slow cooker too.

Now it's time to lift the flavors from the pan by boiling your stock. Don't add cold stock to the lamb shanks.

Now add the hot stock,minced garlic and tomatoes to the lamb.I have set the slow cooker to auto setting.

After an hour I added the fig preserve or honey, sliced dried apricots and dates.Cook for a further 5.5 to 6 hours. Taste for salt. The result it tender,succulent lamb shanks.

Garnish with coriander and roasted almonds & pistachios. Serve generously with cous cous. If you like the taste of bone marrow - just go for it.

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