How to make popsicle stick snowflakes

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Snowflake 1 ❄️

Start off with three sets of 2 popsicle sticks glued together in a line

Make an asterisk and glue the centers of each piece together.

I'm so sorry it's blurry! I didn't realize when I took the picture! Glue sticks to each tip of the asterisk at an angle to form a diamond. (this step takes 12 sticks)

Now make six "chicken feet" using 4 sticks for each one. This is done by making six pieces that look like step 1 and then gluing one on either side at an angle

Back of "chicken foot"

Front of "chicken foot"

In between the upper tips of each diamond glue one "chicken foot" down.

Further away view.

Ready for painting!

Painted with two coats of paint. Make sure you get into all the little crevasses! I also painted the backs of them.

Paint some glitter on it if you want. Then paint on a top coat. This one has a flat top coat

Snowflake 2 ❄️

Make a hexagon using six sticks. Glue down each end.

Make and attach an asterisk (see steps 1 & 2) and glue the hexagon to the top.

Now make six crosses

Glue down the crosses to the corners of the hexagon

Ready for painting!


Shimmered with a thin coat of glitter acrylic paint

Shiny top coat

Hang using ribbon or place on a surface.

Thanks for taking a look! 😃

I got this idea from Check it out for more snowflake patterns

Watch the video: Easy Craft with Popsicle Stick. Ice cream Sticks. Christmas Star Craft. JK Arts 071

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