How to do herringbone nails

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This is the nail art brush I used, you can also use a nail art stripper. This brush you can get from Amazon/eBay in a sets for pretty cheap. There's also bunch of nail art kits in drugstores now.

Paint a base coat, and a base color. Your base color should be the lighter of your two polishes.

Paint three lines across your nail. It doesn't really matter what direction you do them in.

Then do these lines.

You can leave it like a bar across your nail, or do the sides and cover it completely.

You can fill alternating boxes in, or leave it as just lines.

I did these ones going the other direction, didn't cover my entire nail and didn't fill them in. I honestly kind of like this better. But you can do it however you like.

Then clean up with a small brush or q-tip and nail polish remover, top coat and you're done. Hope they turn out cool!


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