How to make healthier satay sauce #healthyeating

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This still has peanuts in so is high in fat, but good fats. One to serve with lean chicken and plenty of veg for a healthier version of a takeaway

Start by sautéing one finely chopped onion in a little oil

After a couple of minutes add one crushed garlic clove

Cook slowly until they are soft and starting to caramelise

Add 1/2 a can of coconut milk

Add 2 tsp soya sauce and about 1/4 tsp chilli powder

Add 1 heaped tbsp of crunchy peanut butter (try to get one which is organic and 100% peanuts if you can)

Mix well

I like to serve it as a dipping sauce for skewers of chicken and vegetables. Enjoy!

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Watch the video: Easy Peanut Chicken Satay Skewers Recipe. Katie Pix

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