How to store nailpolishes

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I'll be putting my nail varnishes in this drawer

Here they are, along with other nail products

Start by organising them: I am doing colour, You could do brand also

Here are the pinks and reds

Now purples and blues

They go in too

Now browns, golds, yellows and silvers

In they go...

Now get your cardboard, this is from a shoe box. Cut it to fit the space. The size depends on how much you have.

I have put it on, this acts as a shelf

With others on top

Put nail products next to it

Here is the above view

Now for a different approach

Get your box, this is from a box of Christmas tree lights

I will put in catagories of brands: here is one

Now my Barry M's

And now scarlet and crimson brand

Ted baker

And the miscellaneous ones

Close the box if it has a lid

I add some other stuff if there is still some more room

You could also put this box on a shelf

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