How to Cook Perfect Ribs

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Baby backs, wet hickory chips

Big green egg

Getting ready for sear

Direct heat-one handful wet hickory chips-one handful only

Ready for searing

280 degrees. Bone side first and don't walk away. Bad sear=bad ribs

Sear bone side down first

Perfect sear

Indirect heat One more hand full of wet hickory chips

Another view indirect-cook 2 hours at 250-275 degrees

After approx 2 hours, sauce meat side for about 20 min. Heat still 250-275

Now time for Texas Crutch. Double foil and add sauce. Wrap complete and put back in heat for another half hour

Texas Crutch

Time for faux cambro. Wrap in towels first

Cooler makes excellent faux cambro. Leave in there 30-60 minutes

While coals are hot make lamb chop appetizers Over direct heat. 4 min each side

Lamb chops ready while ribs in cooler

Ribs post faux cambro

Add your sides-slaw,Robey beans, souffle, Valinda potatoes. Bon Appetite. Enjoy!

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