How to Make Gobi Sabzi

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Cut the cauliflower and doodhi as shown here and in the next pics. Leave cauliflower for a while in salt water to float worms if any.

Add the cut doodhi to the water as well. Wash thrice.

Wash peas. Watch out for worms in peas as well. Add all contents to pressure cooker without water. Add some salt and turmeric as well. Cook till one whistle only.

Add 1/2 onion, 3 sliced chillies and little kadipatta to frying pan. Fry till onion is slightly brown. Then add 1 tomato (chopped into 4xn pieces). Stir till tomato is fried.

TipTo reduce oil usage fry tadka initially on lowest flame. Else tadka will burn. Lower flame once tadka is hot and continue till tadka is done.

Add pressure cooker contents to the frying pan now. Don't over-stir the final mixture to avoid breaking down the cauliflower. Stir slowly and occasionally until the water has been drained by heating.

Turn off gas and leave for a while to let the water drain completely.

Watch the video: शदय म बनन वल आल गभ सबज क सकरट रसप. Aloo Gobi Recipe. Gobhi ki Sabzi. Kabita


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