How to Make Roasted Vegetable Couscous

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Switch the grill/fan oven on. Set the temperature to 230.

Switch the kettle on.

Measure about 200g of couscous.

Pour the couscous into a bowl and crumble a veg stock cube.

Pour enough boiling water to just cover the couscous. About 250 ml.

Stir and put the lid on.

Start chopping.

Chop the courgettes as small as you can then pop them into a roasting tray.

Chop the aubergine as small as you can and pop that in a different roasting tin.

Chop one of the peppers and add to the aubergine.

Chop the other pepper and add to the courgettes.

Chop the onion and share between both tins.

Add salt and pepper to both tins.

Add 4 good glugs of olive oil to each tin,

Add a spoon or two of clear honey to each tin.

Chop the halloumi into small pieces and put them in the third roasting tin but no oil. Put all three tins in the grill/oven for 10 minutes .

Drain a tin of chick peas.

Add the chickpeas to the couscous.

Check the halloumi after 10 minutes. Take it out if it's nice and crispy brown. Put it back in for a few minutes if you like.

Take out the veg once it's nice and brown. A few burned bits are good! Tip the veg into the couscous and stir well.


Pour a splash of red wine vinegar into the couscous. This is the key ingredient. Taste it, you might want more or less depending in your taste.


Voila! Vegetarians love it. For meat eaters slap a big juicy steak or piece of fish on top.

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