How to Fly a Dual Line Kite

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Find a windy location, I like going to the beach.

Lay your kite down. The bottom side should be facing up. Then you can attach the kite wires. I fly a simple kite by the brand Prism which has no hard parts which means I can crash and not worry!

Find the ends of the kite. You'll notice I tuck the ends of the kite in a loop built into the kite so that they don't get tangled up with the rest of the kite.

I like to make a larkshead knot when attaching the dual line wires to the ends of the kite. This knot is easy to attach and release.

When the kite is securely fastened you're just about ready to fly.

Lay the kite bottom side facing down, or have a friend hold it, and start walking backwards while gently releasing the wire.

The string on my kite is 100 feet long, that's a pretty nice distance.

Find a nice breeze and either get a friend to hold the kite above their head and let go or launch from the ground. The trick is to make sure the bottom part with the string attached is facing down.

It's best not to make sudden movements with the kite strings. To get the kite to loop left gently pull to the left, to loop right gently pull to the right. Avoid tangling the kite too much.

You'll be looking up a lot so your neck might start to cramp up! When I doing loops I tend to count how many I did so I can do the same number in the opposite direction. Tangled wires are not fun!

Once you've had a bit of practice try attaching a tail to the kite. It's slightly more challenging to fly a kite with a tail because it's heavier, slower and less maneuverable. But, it looks great!

It's fun to do loops with a tail because the colors and fabric look great in the light.

When you're done flying your kite gently crash it into the ground. This was a bit of a hard landing! You'll probably want to land without doing loops too so that your wires aren't all tangled up.

When putting your kite away nicely wind up the kite wire so it's easy to use next time.

Unfastening the larkshead knot is easy, just pull on the end of the kite wire and it will quickly detach.

It's best to fold up your kite and put it away with the ends of the kite string tucked away. This ensures the strings won't get tangled.

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